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We are a Congregation Prayerfully Sharing the Light of Christ.




Dear Friend:

            Welcome to the virtual home for Faith United Methodist Church, “Your Hometown Church in the City.”  Despite being tucked in the middle of the capital city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, this is a close community that feels like a small town church.  Nevertheless, our ongoing task is a big one: to seek to love each other and the world as best as we can in the image of Jesus Christ.  

            Our vision touches all, those in the walls and those outside: “to empower all people to seek the fullness and assurance of God’s Love.”  This simple but complex vision is lived out best in our mission: “to invite everyone into a loving community, explore the Good News of God’s Love, and serve God and our neighbor throughout the world.”  From the whole community in Sunday worship, to our committee meetings, to the mission-oriented practices of the United Methodist Women, we constantly work at bringing this vision and mission to the table.  We are constantly learning and discerning what it means to be a follower of Christ in this complicated world.  Like everyone else, we occasionally struggle, but we are consistently looking to be faithful and understanding to those who share this journey with us, for we are all Christ’s followers learning to be the most faithful we can be.

            We invite you to take part in our community and learn what we are about.  Come open the scriptures with us.  Come fellowship with us around coffee and snacks.  We hope that you’ll come experience life (and new life!) at Faith UMC each Sunday worship and fellowship, with our service projects, and with opportunities for learning throughout the week!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jeff Richards

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